The online guestbook for Jessie Iger

Posted on February 17, 2010
Posted by: clairevans
From: West Hartford CT

Message: Howard and Lenore, I just read the newspaper about Howard's mom..My deepest sympathies to you both and your family..I just returned from L.A. so didn't know about it..She certainly had a full and long life..Sincerest wishes,Claire

Posted on February 17, 2010
Posted by: Peter & Sue Beth Van Dine
From: Bolton CT

Message: From the first time that I met Jessie in 1962, she was a warm and gracious lady. Sue Beth We especially remember Jessie at Andrea & David's wedding. She was a proud and happy matriarch meeting the members of a new branch of her extended family. And we will not forget her 100th Birthday party - a truely rare event. Peter

Posted on February 17, 2010
Posted by: Denise Iger
From: Fountain Valley Ca

Message: We mourn the death of a woman who touched many hearts over her long life. For me, I will remember Grandma Jessie the most for her talent and style. As a child, I was the lucky recipient of numerous homemade gifts. The most memorable for me were beautiful hand knit sweaters and vests made from all types of yarn: soft, glittery, or bright. It was always a joy to wear Jessie's gifts and be reminded of her even though she was so far away.

Posted on February 17, 2010
Posted by: Sandra Kohler
From: Dorchester MA

Message: When I think of Jessie, my Aunt Jessie, one of the first images that comes is the woman who danced at my wedding thirty-three years ago. She was sixty-nine years old, the age I am now; her hair still red, her figure lithe, she swept us, my sister, my sister-in-law and me, into a circle to dance the hora, with an energy, a vibrancy unrivalled by all the younger women there. Other images: the wonderfully ornate costume jewelry she made and wore, her style, her proud sense of herself, her sharpness, intellectual and personal, her tenderness. She had the independent soul of a creative artist but the tender heart of a lover, wife, mother, grandmother. In her last years, after she allowed her hair to go white, when she'd allow guests to see her without makeup, she was as strikingly beautiful as in her glamorous younger days: a beauty of the bone, the essence. She had the grace to always make one feel glad that one had visited her, even when her life was limited and painful; her response was always to what one had done for her, not to anything more one might have. She cherished her family, and was generous in including new members of it to that love, as my husband found. We will miss her, we will hold on to her memory.

Posted on February 19, 2010
Posted by: Linda Kartell
From: West Palm Beach FL

Message: It is with great sadness mingled, of course, with many poignant and, thankfully, joyous memories that we mark Aunt Jessie's life and death. Her passing marks the passing of the last survivor of her generation: Ida, Louis (Pat), Jessie, Ben and Rosie (Patty) live on in our hearts and in the hearts of their children, our cousins, and our children. Their spirit, love, strength, energy, philanthropy and wisdom, learned from living full lives, are the legacy they leave to us all. Kalma, Don, Alonso, Linda and Barbara, Rosie's children

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